Oliver James


This was not part of the plan.


It started, as many things do, like the sound of a train in the distance. Over time whistles of warning increased but no certainty our paths would meet. A sense I was skimming close to something monstrous but comfortably safe from collision.


Suddenly a moment of confusion as I felt myself step onto the tracks. Looking down I could trace a shiny path stretching into the distance just as an unstoppable force powered around the corner. Fear struck realising it and I were on the same groove. It was very loud and much faster than expected; I froze transfixed by its immensity . 

Gripped and deafened by a roar so large it shook the ground; I chose to clamp my eyes shut waiting, with baited breath, for the inevitable. 

In hindsight is was easy to misinterpret such turbulence as a threat to my life. A part of me did perish that day but within the destruction a more energised self emerged. An emotional and physical athleticism I never knew existed. 


The Big Book of Breath began from this place. The force seeming to pull me into the darkness was an opportunity to find light. Since breath is life I have been grateful to uncover how I had been half breathing; Half-living. I am honoured to share these insights with everyone in the Big Book of Breath.  To show the world, by an enhancing our capacity to breathe, we expand life itself. 


Today, as I stand on the tracks, my eyes are no longer closed. Instead, I choose to keep them open. I choose to stare directly into the storm. The book opens a space for anyone wishing to stand empowered on their own tracks. I will be sharing fun and easy ways to awaken our body's remarkable technology so you to can experience your potential. 


The power of breath is a remarkable thing!​

Oliver James is a Body Led Psychotherapist, Pilates Instructor, Masseur and Healer. These tools are weaved into the pages of the book and integrated into his work with clients and groups around the world. He has been working within Health and Wellness since 2003.