"We are but the beliefs we hold"


Many consider receiving a healing as too "New Age" and eccentric to even consider. Others completely 'get it'. 


Who ever you are, ThetaHealing is a good place to start a Healing journey. The technique is a world renowned method accessing increasingly (and scientifically) provable methods to access our incredible ability to heal not only ourselves but also the world around us. 


The technique quite quickly allows us to experience the interconnection of things in our lives making it possible to clear self limiting beliefs and access our innate ability for change. Not just our ideas and actions but, with the right mindset, the possibility of altering even deeper physical and energetic levels.


Have you heard of neuroplasticity? In its most basic sense, Theta Healing works on this level and has the possibility of far greater! 


Oliver works with ThetaHealing everyday and is trained to Advanced level.

"Theta healing has changed my life in many ways. Years of an irritating heat rash left me sensitive to go out in the sun. I was desperate to get rid of it so felt it to be a good test proving the capability of this healing method. One moment I had a red rash on my chest and in the next the rash appeared to soften and then dissappear completely. The itching too!


I was confused but quite happy not to argue! I set about training in the method immediately.

Don't forget to ask me about activating your 'youth and vitality' potential. I'm close to 40 but get confused for being in my 20s."

Oliver James