Oliver is excited to introduce the latest addition to the repertoire. The famously rejuvenating 

Hawaiian massage known as Lomi Lomi.


This was the massage of Kings, Queens and Warriors of ancient Hawaii - used to prepare them for battle and connect them with their destiny. Not just a pamper session, Lomi can lead to shifts in your life allowing release from old patterns and accessing your inner freedom.

Lomi Lomi is famous for:

  • Opening and relaxing muscles and joints helping to support natural and easy movement

  • Cleansing and detoxifying the lymphatic system

  • Energising and revitalising mind, body and spirit

  • Improving circulation bringing youth and much needed vitality to our skin, hair, muscle tone and posture

Lomi works with the physical, emotional and energetic levels through flowing massage movements, intuitive touch and prayer. 

"Lomi with Ollie was so much more than a massage. The first half hour felt decadent (and perhaps slightly indulgent). By the end of the first hour, tears started to stream from my eyes. I was touched as I realised life held judgements in my life - watching them arise before melting away. I connected with how I consistently withhold opportunities for joy. 


Yes it was luxurious but suddenly, now I deserved it and my body seemed to surrender! This realisation not only supported an intense release but has since changed my perspective on so much in my life!" 

L. Biggs