Sports Conditioning

Oliver incorporates body weight training and a unique method called Spiral Stabilisation to help focus your sports training and athletic goals. 

Emphasis is placed on what may be hindering strength as well as getting in the way of your full muscular range of motion.


The work involves connecting with a higher level of core strength followed by greater and increasingly complex exercises. By engaging the full nervous system a process of unlocking much higher levels of body-mind 'technology' begins. 


Oliver will help to identify and release over developed musculature in favour of a grounded and uniformly balanced body. This helps to heighten performance in a chosen sport or athletic discipline in a way few coaches are able to do.


Rather than 'push' and 'force', the body and mind start to work like an elite, ruthless and silent warrior.

"This really has been the complete package. I had not experienced work able to offer functional movement training, massage and accessing subconscious work in the same session. My technique is continuing to improve as precision develops and a natural ease comes through. Ollie was also open to share his knowledge of breath and meditation. This has changed my understanding and function dramatically - my competitive match has developed considerably as a result."

T. Jackson (Boxer)