When we have a physical issue it is rarely one technique that will offer full resolution. The healing process requires addressing a chain of issues and often many are hidden. So where does one begin?!


Oliver brings a wealth of knowledge integrating pilates, spiral stabilisation, body weight training and massage work in conjunction with a powerful 'rebooting' of your cognitive processes.


Not only supporting your body to heal from the inside out but addressing subconscious, cognitive processes that can get in your way.  


  • Oxygenate tired and tight soft tissue

  • Strengthen weaknesses

  • Undo repetitive and negative movement patterns

  • Access an internal technology to release pain and break through your mental barriers

  • Enable your hard work and determination to actually make a lasting difference

Whether there are specific muscular imbalances or structural concerns Oliver can tailor a session specifically for your needs opening up greater chance of experiencing a pain free and enjoyable life.

"The first session was life changing for me. Pain that had afflicted me for close to a quarter century suddenly became manageable... Muscles bound by years of tension released in seconds. It felt like magic at the time but I understand now how I had been holding back my own recovery by over protecting myself. My muscles were tightening as a result of the way I was thinking about moving.


It was weird, suddenly my body and I were a team working towards the same goal!" 

R. Hitchens