Body Led Therapy

Practicing a body led therapy called Core Energetics Oliver can support bringing consciousness to how we block our energy with defences and repetitive behaviour. The patterns that keep us stuck in our lives and challenge our ability to move forwards or access our deepest creativity. 


Core Energetics is a mind, body and spirituality led modality enabling an individual to more fully access their complete and authentic self.

Becoming conscious is just the beginning. Integrating your body is essential to a transformation process. Our beliefs, defences and coping mechanisms are engrained in our physicality as much as they are psychological.

You can expect to learn how to access your full vitality opening up an inner creativity and expression. 


It can be challenging but also exciting and powerful work. Unleash your true aliveness, passion and sexuality.

"Core Energetics can help to open your heart in a way that is often a challenge to experience.


It supports a deeper and more meaningful connection to others and the world around you"

Oliver James