Discover A World Of Breath


Books are a uniquely portable magic! (Stephen King)

And this is a book planned full of magic indeed!

Since 2003, Oliver James has experienced over 400 different breaths and breathing techniques. They formed part of his own journey to recover from the chronic physical health issues that had him incapacitated in his 20s. Along the way he has met the most incredible individuals who have helped him personally and inspired a journey of a lifetime.

There appeared to be a breath for everything, with affects ranging from the gentle to the powerful, the familiar to the remarkable. The Big Book of Breath sparked from these experiences.

A question arose... if the benefits of regular Breathwork is indisputably effective... why does the world not know about them? It became clear... breath needed to be shared differently. The challenge was set high; How does one write a book to appeal to the most advanced breath gurus as well as someone who had never really been conscious of their breath?

The Big Book of Breath draws on cultural, spiritual and scientific wisdom and offers a unique way to understand and practice life changing breathing techniques.

Insights into breath will be considered alongside contributions and interviews with experts from around the world.