Working at studios locally as well as around the world (reformer/equipment pilates) Oliver can tailor a session for you. 


With over 12 years of Classical Pilates practice and over 5000 hours of teaching experience.  You can expect:

Master Level Teaching

Whole body fitness

Develop bomb proof Core Strength

Improve Posture

Boost Energy and Reduce Stress

Adaptable to all fitness levels and needs

(Eternal Youth!)

If you are new to Pilates, Oliver knows how to introduce the method in a fun and approachable way.


If you would like a serious workout that is ACTUALLY good for you then he knows how to get the healthiest movement out of your body.

If you are experienced and want your mind blown by your hidden capabilities then this is the Instructor for you. Oliver James is moving forwards fast in this path. Join him on the ride!

"There is pilates and then there is Pilates with Ollie. I have been practicing this method for over 20 years and thought I knew my body. Oliver seems to attune in a way I had not experienced before. He was able to give supportive and subtle changes which literally started to make my muscles tremor. It wasn't painful but opened my mind to new aspects of training. 


My nervous system seemed to change before my eyes leaving me to wonder... what I have been doing for the past 20 years?! "

P. Canberra