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...And so the journey begins

Where do I start?

I completed my last 'teaching' class at the two Pilates Studios I have been working at in London, in preparation for making a start on The Big Book of Breath.

It was with much excitement (and a few tears) that I completed my last shift with the amazing Pilates Room in Putney. The studio has been an amazing place to teach for the past 5 years.

"Thank you!"

To my clients, many of who have become 'pilates friends', getting up at crazy hours and putting in the hours to work on their breath and bodies each week. It has been quite the ride!


I am choosing to leave my amazing job and a home I love in London so that I can make a start on a book, which has been in my dreams (literally) for the past 3 years.

To create the space to complete the project feels both incredible and scary.

I have created the space not only to write but also to be able to dedicate time in spreading the incredible potential of breath work to the world around me.

I am most exciting about learning more breaths than I can imagine possible as well as meeting some of the amazing Breathworkers and leaders of breath.

I will use this medium to share some of the techniques I learn, talk about the workshops I take part in as well as ones that I lead.

Please get in contact if you would like some help leading breath work, breath meditations or retreats.

I will be writing blogs to document the journey and help support our connection to different breaths as well as the beauty (and beastliness) of the world around us.

Thanks to my good friend Ashley for joining me on one of my first weekends down in Dorset after leaving London. I love this photo - she shows just how I feel!

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