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Autumnal invite not to be missed!


I was invited by a community group to enjoy the best of Autumn at Stourhead Gardens.

As I made my way through the beautiful Dorset countryside I reflected how amazing some of my work can be! There is nothing like being invited to enjoy the beauty of the countryside and supporting a community group from my home county of Dorset.

They question they asked:

"Can you support us in welcoming the Winter into our lives".

As the days get shorter and the weather colder, we can be challenged to find inspiration and meeting the change in conditions. We practiced some powerful breaths to support our body's attachment to the heat of the summer. We were able to turn the breath into a much slower technique, inviting inner reflection and a calming of the spirit readying ourselves for a quietening of the mind and body - a preparation to shed our own leaves and bed into the 'groundedness' of winter.

Oh what a sight!

We were helped (and perhaps distracted) by the most beautiful views of the Stourhead Gardens and indulged in some cake at the end to top it off!

Now we are ready for winter!

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