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Breath and Sexual Trauma


I am going to be honest - signing up for the Sexual Trauma workshop in the Netherlands with Lynn Kreadon took a lot of thought (and that infamous feeling of should I.... shouldn't I). Deep down I knew that it was work I HAD to experience but became aware of how easily I could put it off to 'next year' or 'sometime'.

It was as much surprise to myself as to the group I joined in with that I turned up with little planning or time to prepare (I knew a few people on the course so it was lovely to surprise them).

What does Breath have to do with Sexual Trauma?

The moment I arrived and started the workshop I knew I was in the right place. Lynn said

"I have a lot planned for this weekend... I have a lot of breathing exercises for us to get through. I am so excited."

With the glint in her eye I am not sure we were all as excited.

I had been unsure whether to focus time and investment into a weekend that may have nothing to do with breath. Of course breath work and trauma release can go hand in hand but it can depend on the therapist or leader as to whether the path taken in a 'breathing' one. There are many other modalities that work with trauma.

So when I heard we had a weekend of breath planned my own excitement went up a notch (whether my subconscious was as happy was less clear at the time).

Needless to say, she was right. Lynn had a lot of breath work for us (as well as some some fascinating body and relationship exercises to help release the fear, tension, anxiety, panic and distrust tied up in body-minds).

If I am allowed a favourite from the weekend it will be the 'breath of fire' (very different to the Yogic 'breath of fire'). Close to half an hour of powerful breathing and body movements was particularly remarkable.

When I think about sexual trauma and working with a group of people who may be carrying sexual trauma (also known as 'survivors') I knew the work would be gentle. The question that came up was whether some breath work would be too much for some people and how to work with this energy should fear and panic come through.

The weekend has inspired a number of breaths and topics to be discussed in the Book.

A huge thank you to Lynn, my group of fellow therapists and practitioners and the NICE (Netherlands Institute of Core Energetics) for a remarkable weekend.

I am very excited that Lynn is opening to contributing to the book. A very exciting interview to be organised indeed.

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