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Bikram Tasmania takes a leap into breath


What a venue to be invited to... when I arrived in Hobart, Tasmania I wasn't sure whether there would be interest in breath. Little did I know!

Anna Korkmaz of Bikram Yoga Tasmania jumped all over breathwork. The venue on Bathurst Street is bright and airy with two large studios and treatment rooms.

What opportunities open up with breath?

We organised two sessions for her and the studio team to experience different breathing exercises, ask questions for their yogic practice as well as some one to one sessions.

We explored anatomy of breath, group dynamic experiences and how our breath can be restricted by feelings and current life challenges. A

At the end of each session we chose to practice the 'always fruitful' So Darshan Chakra Kriya. A particularly powerful Kundalini breath meditation that charges up our physical body and shakes up our emotional field. The breath is famed for cutting through negative karma - past, present and future and opening us up to the power of the present moment.

Great work team and thank you for your enthusiasm and connection!

Whahey Guru!

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