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The benefits of returning to the womb

Where: Moonah, Tasmania

What: It is my brother's 40th Birthday. He was bought a Flotation session by his wife, the best part being he could invite a guest. Knowing I would be appreciate a session he took me as his plus one .

I was excited for a breath had come to my attention that I had been waiting for the right occasion to practice.

The Floating Lily:

This is a magical breath that can be done in a large bath, warm pool/hot spring or any water that allows you to float in comfort. This is particularly effective breathwork for cleansing your system, both inside and out.

For your safety you are encouraged to do this breath with appropriate props - particularly if you are in an amount of water that you could sink in. It is a very relaxing breath so there is a danger of falling asleep and disappearing under the water!

These might include a life jacket or arm and leg bands. A flotation tank is perfect as the salt concentration makes it impossible to sink.

1. Lie flat face up in the warm water letting your body find a comfortable floating position. Shut your eyes allowing a gentle, deep breath into the lower abdomen. Feel how your body rises like a wave on the inhale and falls into the water on the exhale. Let you body get used to this sensation for about 10 minutes.

2. Once you feel assured in the water, develop a practice of physical induced relaxation. You can do this by breathing into a part of the body, perhaps tense it a little. On the exhale allow it to relax and surrender into the warmth of the water. You can start from your feet and work all the way up to the top of the scalp and even the face. Tune into any held tightness. These may require more tensing and releasing. Repeat for another 10 minutes. Complete by exploring how your breath affects your body in the water.

This may be enough but two options present themselves if we find ourselves enjoying the space and stretching past the 20-30 minute mark.

i) Continue in this way, in peace and meditation enabling a restful and rejuvinating 20-30 minutes.

ii) A sense of energetic buildup and charge that leaves (me, in particular) feeling like I need to move or jump around.

For ii) there are two options. You can either:

Strongly tense your whole body creating a mini tremor. Hold for as much as 20-30 seconds before letting go and releasing the tension into the water. You can repeat this until the excess charge disappears.


Observe it. Let the charge build and subside like your body in the water (this can be very intense but incredible practice for advanced breath work). It does complete, I promise). This lets the energy move in the body to where it is needed and may develop its own mini tremors, or emotional release.

If you are fortunate to do this a few times perhaps you will experience both.

The ultimate experience:

I aim not to talk about what can be expected as each person's experience can be very different. That said ANOTHER opportunity presents itself if open (Feel free to miss it if you wish not to be led. There is enough above for you to enjoy. The below may even present itself in any case.


If the water is just right, and your breathing and buoyancy just so you may begin to feel no water at all, like you are floating in the air of a warm, humid evening.

1. Keeping your eyes closed let the sensation of quiet confusion seep into the cells of your body whilst you continue to breathe in and out.

2 First, it is fun to stretch your imaginative muscles. You can do this by consciously exploring the idea that you are not lying down but upright. If this is possible then let yourself feel upsidedown, or facing the ground. Allow your imagination free will to use the floating space.

An invitation to unravel the subconscious...

3. After you have enjoyed playing I encourage the next step of enabling your subconscious to lead an adventure of its choice.

4. You can ask the question "I command to experience what is highest and best for me to view and choose to experience at this time" (if you experience a spiritual connection you can connect with mantra or prayer at this moment)

5. Be still and allow the moment to unfold. Set yourself free of expectation and judgement. Release any desires to manipulate the situation. Just let it all go and observe like you are watching a silver screen.

You may or may not go on any adventure. Trust though, that the moment you do, it will be a journey you won't forget.

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