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Breathwork for Completion

(Image - HoneyMoon Bay, Tasmania)


Tullamarine Airport, Melbourne.

As a Chapter Ends

Sitting in the departure lounge about to head back to the UK I am filled with emotion. I have had the most remarkable time on the huge island of Australia. I have met some incredible people and reconnected with childhood friends, London buddies and most important of all, formed a relationship with my neice who lives in Tasmania. We may be relatives but being in physical contact with her has meant the world to me.

As I sit here in the airport I become aware taking the time to write the book feels like one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Yes - I am earning nothing and spending everything but in the process I am rewarded with something priceless. Memories and connection.

A voice began to speak in my head - sometimes I am unsure what this voice is and do we all hear it. The one that talks to us asking questions, scolding us when we get things wrong. The one that disappears when we are completely engaged with something and at its most loud when we are lost or in despair.

Or is it the voice of guidance? When words form without identity (you, I, we) or they are clear and full of a Truth. Are these words of from somewhere else. Perhaps guidance or support from a higher dimension.

The words began...

Dearest Australia,

I thank you for your earth

For your wide sky and blessed sun

For your beautiful sea and running rivers

For your sand dune hills

Starry nights and humid winds

The song of your birds

And taste of your fruits

You have helped open my heart

I am charged with your radiant joy and touched by your ancient sadness

Every story has an end and with you, now, I experience mine

At the end of every story is a new beginning

Thank you for helping to make my new beginning feel so bright

I'm quite sure airports are used to tears and though people on the seats around me may not be, it always feels important to let my tears fall. To release my emotion without fear or covering. To show that emotion, particularly at this time as a man, doesn't mean collapse or weakness. That people can be safe in emotion's company without needing to do anything about it.

They were tears of happiness mixed with sadness for memories are visions of endings.

A breath helped to serve the occasion.

A Breath for Completion

This is a breath to end - To enabling gratitude for what was and at the same time open space for what will be. Often times we carry things with us. This is fine but when we do, what we carry naturally takes our energy and thoughts.

When we wish for this energy to be used for other things then we can use this breath to complete a process of energetic change. The clarity that this isn't just a 'full stop' but we are also turning the page.

Before starting the breath, there is an invitation to become clear of what you wish to complete. Perhaps, like myself it was a period of time or for you maybe it is a relationship or job that is coming to an end. To clarity about what you are ending will enable a fuller completion. You may find you need to do it a few times but with practice you will become more effective at the process and find yourself doing them more regularly and quite quickly. Completion is not about handling something bad or challenging but being ready for the highest and best opportunities in our lives to come through.

1. (Seated or standing) Find yourself strongly rooted to the earth. Take a breath in and out a few times. As you breath feel how the breath fills you into a 'shape'. Do you breathe forwards into your chest and belly, sideways into your ribs or perhaps backwards into your spine. Slow the breath down if you need to understanding the form your breath takes.

2. Without over effort, allow the breath to fill you as evenly as it can. Your North, South, East and West invited to participate. If this is physically difficult then let your breath take a colour and imagine it into a ball of light that expands evenly on the inhale and squeezes small on the exhale. Repeat for 12 breaths.

3. Now you are invited to set an intention. Holding the object of completion in your mind you can say

"In this moment I am grateful for our time and memories."

Be still and leave the words to go quiet. This is a chance for what has past to float into your conscious. Viewed them as you might a silver screen. Without rushing and in absence of expectation or force memories either will or won't come. Sometimes random things come to mind also, which is fine. You are welcome to repeat this intention a few times, always giving space for silence after repeating.

4. As the memories slow or become repetitive you can say: "I am _____ for knowing/experiencing you. (You can insert words of your choice. E.g. Stronger, more loved, clearer, etc.) Be mindful if negative words come through. It is completely fine - giving space to these parts of ourselves is important. Should this happen it is helpful to show your consciousness you are more than its current awareness and words. I will give a sentence to repeat afterwards, which is helpful for this, but you are welcome to come up with your own.

For example you may find yourself saying "I am weaker for experiencing you". On noticing the negative, give it time, allow the related memory to be watched in your minds eye before saying "and I survived". Let these words wash over you and take in their truth.

5. As each memory (what ever they be) floats through your mind and you say the above sentences, begin to put an inhale on the sentence as you mindfully same them and an exhale as the sentence finishes. Aim to keep the breath slow and long to avoid hyperventilating.

6. You can let this completion breath finish in its own time or give yourself a set time. 15-20 minutes works well.

7. (If you have set a time) or when you feel this process is finished, let the memories that have run through collect, visually, in front of your heart. Bring both palms together in a prayer position placing your thumbs against your body.

8. Positive or negative, you have the opportunity to honour the memories collected in front of you. If you would like to do so you may do a small bow to them.

9. Take a slow breath in as your palms rub together generating heat. Keeping your hands together, turn them 90 degrees so that the right palm is facing the chest and the left palm is facing away from you.

10. Imagine a silver line forming between your palms. This is an important moment for here you have created an energetic disturbance. Any ties of these memories to you can be cut by this silver line.

11. Keeping your left palm still, let your right palm slice up and backwards over your head. The energetic ties of these memories have now been cut and their completion realised.

12. Bring your palms back to a prayer position or place them over your heart. Take a breath in and out.

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