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Starting a new meditation practice

The right place at the right time...

Having arrived back in the UK a few days ago I had been thinking about whether it makes sense to start a breath and meditation group in my new playground - Bournemouth and Poole.

I love how the world presents what you need at the time you need it. On this day, for me, the right place at the right time was on a mini walk down to Branksome Beach heading for a sunrise meditation.

I have been battling about whether to open up my morning routine to others. People keep asking but would they actually turn up. The effort! And what about the British weather... eeuugh!

A sign!

A man in a red jacket is behind me with his dog. "Are you going to work" he calls from a distance. I stop to let him catch up. 'I'm heading to the beach to meditate' I reply.

"What can meditation help with?" He asks. I'm surprised he doesn't know! To be fair, how many of us know the benefits but don't regularly practice? Maybe there is a similarity between the two. How easy it is to let a supportive structure drop away. I spent the last three months doing it in North America!

His question seems too big... how much time has he got for me to explain the benefits?

'It helps with everything' i say. I recognise this is vague but seems appropriate for the time in the morning! He looks hopeful.

"I'm going through a divorce. My life is really tough at the moment. I cant sleep, I can't do anything. Can it help with that?" he asks. Earlier thoughts begin to explode in my mind and I chuckle inwardly at the way this worldly realm works. 'What's your name?' I ask.

"Jimmy" he responds.

A decision made

'It is fate we met this morning jimmy! I'm starting a meditation group... it will be every morning on this beach at this time. You will be welcome to join!'

We part ways. Both of us, perhaps, different from only seconds before.

Thanks Jimmy!

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