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First Chapter Complete...


An exciting moment, printing out the first chapter of the book. Over the last few days the 'hugest' project began to feel less endless. To grasp that it may be possible to finish rather than a continuing act if writing for eternity.

Next step:

To get this chapter proof read - having checked it myself about five times, an interesting sense of 'I have had enough of it' came through. I think a part of me knew this was another 'beginning'. It is one thing to write something and another to write something anybody may be interested in.

The proof reader has already assured me they would be ruthless. Their exact words were that I should remain open to

"kill my darlings" (?!)

I believe this is an industry term for how we can lose objectivity in our writing and what it takes to be ruthless in the quest of writing. It isn't my world but I can feel how it relates to what i do and how I choose to live my life. Gaining awareness over the parts that I can be overly fond of and the way I structures things. Me... lose objectivity??

As much as I am sure this will come with its' challenges, I like the idea. From a breath perspective we are always encouraged to explore objectively. Without attachment or expectation.

It feels healthy to integrate it here. And in the process I have no doubt I will be searching for a breath to stretch and strengthen patience! If you have any ideas then I will gratefully receive them!

Stay tuned!

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