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How to tackle Procrastination (2 of 3)

The problem:

When dealing with something like procrastination it is helpful to see it as a physical object... I envisage it to be like one of those aliens that attach themselves to a person's head or body with many tentacles latching on. (For the benefit of man kind... I am happy for you to think I am a little mad)

Remove one of the tentacles and there are still many more tentacles sucking onto their host! These are strong, almost muscular binds so it is also an effort to prise them off leaving us tired from trying.

The trick is...

First we need to know that it IS what we think it is... In this case procrastination. It can be other things like resistance, lack of interest or boredom... they can feel similar so I encourage you to bear this in mind. There will be other ways to tackle these as the energy behind them is very different (so stay tuned).

I know it is procrastination because

a) There is something I need/want to do

b) I am not doing it

c) I find other things to do and prioritise them instead

d) Bonus marks when you are prioritising other things you also don't want to do. (This is a sign of serious procrastination!)

How to break a habit?

I find by blind siding the procrastination with something else I have wanted to do but have put off, I lead the original procrastination to think it has got away with it.

"You win... We don't need to do it. You are safe dear object of procrastination"

There will be a mini internal celebration. You just wait! Enjoy the moment.

We can now use the energy freed up to complete the other 'thing'.

In this case I chose doing a juice cleanse. Introducing a healthy habit is clever because it has the (slightly smug) 'feel good factor' and also increases our energy levels in any case.

Save money, save time

If you live with people then invite them to join you. Sharing the cost of food (and even take turns to prepare the juice at different times of the day) makes it much easier and you call all motivate each other. I invited my parents. It was something they had always wanted to do and I made it easy for them by doing all the preparations.

(if you would like to know the cleanse I chose, the 'recipe' lists and the many benefits of the different juices is on my Instagram account. (6th June, 2017)

Other examples could be starting a new regime of exercise of giving up smoking. There is a reason why anything like these are genius... read on!

What has this got to do with breath?

I was almost asking myself this question just now... and then I remembered. Choosing something healthy comes with the challenge that your body wasn't used to it in the first place. By day two, I had crazy cravings such as crisps and cheese straws (I barely eat these so I had no idea what they were about!?)

There were of course moments of near weakness. I chose a 'cravings' breath and a 'dealing with uncomfortable feelings' breath (see my Instagram profile or youtube channel if you would like to know how to do these breaths.

I also did a manifesting breath (which will be discussed in the next blog)

By day three my mind-body was quite confused... it enjoyed the smug feeling of doing something good, I had to go to be earlier because all I wanted to do was eat c**p and sleeping seemed to take the edge off. I hated the feeling of being hungry.

Guess what?

I wasn't snacking all the time and my mind needed something else to think about so guess what quite easily came into focus as 'easier to do than a juice cleanse'. By day 4 I sat down and made an honest re-start on the book. By day 5, I was on a roll and loving it.

On Day 6 I had this weird feeling that it had been so successful I should continue with the cleanse. My skin was amazing and I was waking up feeling incredible. I honestly did consider it but then remembered an earlier craving. I walked to the shops and savoured my first packet of crisps and motivated my mum to make some amazing cheese straws.

The book... continues to go well.

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