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How to tackle Procrastination (3 of 3)

How to invoke our higher selves

Ok... so we have identified 'procrastination to be the problem' (See 2 of 3). We have blind sided it with the introduction of a healthy new routine.

But what if we can't find the energy to do any of these! (I recognise that I may have made it sound easier than it was). There was an important detail I missed out.

Getting in touch with our 'higher self'.

"The what!?" (I hear you say?!)

Don't let the words shut you down. It sounds spiritual (and for many people it is) but the Higher Self can be most helpfully thought of as the part of us that knows how we would like to be; it knows what we could be doing if we were honest and true with ourselves and it knows how to do or achieve it. Shut your eyes and you may be able to sense your higher self. It isn't judgemental (so you can push that 'self' out the aeroplane door if it just popped its' judging little head up and waved at you).

The higher self is more still and less engaged in what you (or others) "think about something". You will be able to recognise it for it just "is" or "knows" rather than demands. It is quite patient, wait gently in the corner for when we are ready. It is that part of ourselves that helps us to feel at ease and joyful when we are on our right path.

I knew I wanted to write the book but I just wasn't. My 'judgemental' self was tutting and chastising me for not doing it and my 'higher self' sat quite quietly and waited for me to ask for its help.

How do I ask for my higher self's help?

This is where breath comes in - I would like to introduce you to a 'manifesting breath'. It doesn't take long and requires only that we are able to focus on something for a period of time. 5 maybe 10 seconds at most is a good start.

To do this we need a breath that can help us focus. For the benefit of this blog I have merged two breaths together. The first engages our minds and the second allows us to connect with our higher self.

Breath for Manifesting:

1. Sit down in a quiet and comfortable spot (seated on a chair or on the floor is fine). Sit tall with your chin tucked in gently. You are welcome to have your eyes open or closed (open is harder but some people prefer it)

2. Take a deep inhale through your nose and then a deep exhale out of your nose. (If your nose is blocked, through the mouth is fine.)

3. Using this breath take a deeper inhale and even deeper exhale. Continue getting stronger and stronger. Your breath will likely begin to make a loud noise until it is quite loud (did I say find somewhere private as well?!) Continue doing this for 1-2 minutes (longer if you are easily distracted) As you do this, notice the feeling of the airflow as it passes through your nose (or mouth).

4. Begin to slow the breath down over a period of about 30 seconds. Allow it to get increasingly gentle but keep note of how it feels as it passes through your nose (or mouth).

5. Once you have got to a slow and gentle breath lasting 5-8 seconds on both the inhale and exhale, with a pause at either end of about 2-3 seconds. Maintain this pace, continuing to feel the breath. (if you lose focus (which you will) do a quick 10 seconds of the powerful breath again before coming back to your 5-8 slow and gentle breath, continuing to 'feel' it. The longer your pause at either end the more powerful the 'feeling' you can experience (Be mindful not to get to a place that feels out of breath as this will take your focus).

6. You will know this is working as it will naturally bring quite a strong sense of peace and calm in you mind and body. It is within this feeling that you can

envisage that which you would like to be doing but are putting off (or that which you wish for in your life but have yet to succeed).

7. Back to the fast breath if you lose it otherwise continue to do the slow and gentle, imagining yourself doing EXACTLY what you wish to do or be doing. You can ask some questions in your mind to help. Where am I? What is around me? What can I hear, see, smell? Am I with anyone. Is there a taste? (Take it all in and continue breathing).

8. You can finish by putting your hands on your chest and imagining this 'vision' entering your heart.

9. Let it sit there, continuing to feel it. Take a breath in and out to finish.

That is it (There are guided instructions on my youtube channel and Instagram).

Repeat this on a daily basis for about a week. (Or until you experience what you want (in my case, breaking my procrastination)).

What have you done?

Science shows us that our thoughts can literally affect not only the way we feel but how we are physically. In its most simple form... If you think you are ill, chances are you will get ill.

By envisaging that which we wish or want, we begin to feel in our selves what it would be like to have those things and by so doing make it easier for us to connect with the part of ourselves . Slowly we begin to know what it is like to be 'in it' and our energies begin to align accordingly.

I did this everyday for about 2 weeks when I got back from North America. It took that long to break my procrastination cycle. Remember: 'Judgement Self' was thrown out the aeroplane door so if it takes longer... allow yourself this time. Perhaps there is a lesson that needs to be learnt before hand (that is a whole other topic!)

An amazing and very powerful breath.

Enjoy Breathers!

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