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Back to work (And how to deal with procrastination. 1 of 3)


Back in my 'set up' home in Dorset, England.

Who would of thought it actually takes work to write a book. Having travelled around half the world for the last 6 months it was with great resistance that I finally managed to sit down and continue writing.

I have enjoyed doing the interviews and breath practice so much (is is possible to say too much?) writing of the chapters has been put to one side.

Here I am... as proof that it is happening! Ignore the mess in the back ground. That is not my yoke to carry : )

What kickstarted the motivation?

I feel the challenge many of us face is the dirty word of 'procrastination'. Speaking for myself, it has been difficult to sit back down and type because there are so many more 'interesting and fun' things to be done.

With this in mind, I know I need to shake off the procrastinating energy.

I have chosen a combination of two methods which I will share in two separate posts as they quite different from each other and yet have a seamless link which is important (and will take up too much space in one blog to give them justice!)

See you on the other side!

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