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New Year... New You?

Explore New Beginnings

Entering 2018 we are blessed with the opportunity to explore New Beginnings. I have always marvelled how Breath, itself, when mindfully done, presents an experience of New Beginnings over and again.

With every exhale comes completion followed by an inhale...starting anew. A stream of expansions, contractions and yet more expansion. Our breath offers an experience of how there is always movement in our lives.

For some of us... perhaps there is too much movement. Stress, anxiety and a feeling things are out of control. If you are in this place, Breath offers a chance to slow down and Space to breathe.

Whilst for others life already feels too slow. When is IT going to happen and is it possible to hurry things along? If life feels mundane, how can breath offer us moments to charge and displace?

The path we find ourselves...

The path we find ourselves on is not always comfortable nor may it be ideal. Through breath we are offered opportunity to connect with our capacity for continual renewal.

With this as our theme, in this post we will explore how breath can help us welcome (and even invite) the 'new' into our lives. There is always a chance to plant new seeds for roads less travelled.

Breath for Renewal - Welcoming the New Year by clearing negative energetics.

This Breath was channelled at the Tuesday Breath Group, welcoming 2018 into our lives. It has a subtle, translucent experience.

How to do it?

First, we need to our subconscious. This will be completed using four aspects.

1. Visualisation,

2. Stated choice

3. Freedom of mind association

4. Breath

To begin:

1. Start by finding yourself in a comfortable position. Place your hands over your heart and take a full breath in and out.

2. Imagine a ball of brilliant light in your heart.

3. Allow the following 3 inhales to expand this brilliant ball so that it stretches past the confines of your body and surrounds you like an iridescent globe of energy.

4. Encapsulated within state the following: “I choose to release thoughts, behaviours, people and all other energies no longer serving me at this time.”

5. As you continue to breathe natural breaths give your sphere of light time to prepare itself - this can happen in many ways... from a pulsation of the orb to an even brighter stream of light seeming to scan your globe in preparation. This is necessary as it is through this membrane our chosen blocks will pass.

6. Take a long and full inhale, holding the air in at the top.

7. Next you just wait - nothing but a pause. Let the intention stated at the beginning do its work. Without you needing to do anything your subconscious will begin seeking aspects that no longer serve you draw, into your consciousness, thoughts, words, pictures, even feelings.

8. Something will form in your minds eye, (it does not matter what in the beginning). Start exhaling - this is the releasing process. Let it be slow and full. So full you will reach the point a vacuum forms in your body. It will feel like you have squeezed everything out of you. Observe how the exhale allows that which became your focus to begin the process of leaving your body.

9. Hold the vacuumed exhale for as long as you can or until such time as this part of you exits.

10. You may have noticed it leave your orb altogether. If not, it may now be between you and your orb, floating around like a helium balloon.

11. If it has yet to leave, continue to Breathe normally as you observe it float around. Sometimes there is more processing to do. Continue to observe it noticing if it changes or clarifies. As this floating concept touches the inner wall of your orb, it will neatly be sucked out and sent into the light beyond.

12. Continue breathing normally before preparing to start the process again. You can repeat this breath for 10-20 minutes.

To complete:

13. Complete the process by taking a gentle breath in and letting your orb of light reduce down on the exhale back into the heart. As it hovers there its’ brilliance will merge with your body before the area comes back to a normal hue.

Nb: Stubborn aspects feel to leave a “tail” stuck in us making it difficult to clear fully. It may take another 1-2 breaths to fully expel it. Notice if a part of you wishes to hold onto this aspect. Never force its expulsion but instead continue breathing, including holds at the top of inhalation and bottom of exhalation. Giving time for your consciousness to process it will help. Perhaps there are positive aspects tied up within a negative behaviour.

Let your breath and mind do what it needs to without feeling the need to get involved by using "Willpower". This is when it can get sticky!

Don't worry...

Lastly, don’t worry if a positive aspect comes to mind during the Inhale hold. Continue the process in any case. Often positive aspects need ‘cleaning’ - a removal of blocks that may be slowing these aspects of ourselves down. During the exhale observe how this positive feature changes, whittling down into a clearer, perhaps subtle negative or challenging aspect. In this way it is more ready for release into the light.

You can feel safe in knowledge that your shining orb holds incredible insight from your heart. It will not allow you to expel something you still need or positive aspect of self (even if you try!)

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