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When frustration attacks!

In a world designed to strive for achievement and self-betterment what happens when we fail? Breath offers remarkable opportunities to explore the theme of frustration. It can can challenge us beyond our capacity and yet invites a non-judgemental approach to the process. The Frustration Paradigm:

Breathing techniques offer what I call The Frustration Paradigm. An assurance of the possibility for frustation... at any given moment. Whether this be because there is a technique one cannot do, an outcome unable to reach, a task committed to and yet not achieved offers the potential for a negative experience.

What is Frustration?

Frustration is a common emotional response to opposition and relates strongly to anger, annoyance and disappointment. It arises when there is perceived resistance to our fulfilment of a goal or our will. Frustration in contemporary society is assured... with our fast paced lifestyles, high expectations and ever rising need to assimilate 'noise' from marketing, social media and loved ones. The more interesting question - what is my relationship with frustration. How do I respond and react on meeting it? Does my response serve me as I strive to achieve my desires? Below are breathing techniques to navigate the world of frustration. (If this sounds 'horrifying'... then know you are most likely to give them ago : )

Breathing Technique A: 58:2

1. Breathe in for 58 seconds

2. Exhale for 2 seconds

3. Repeat for 5 minutes

Breathing Technique B: 30:30 1. Breathe in for 30 seconds

2. Breathe out for 30 seconds

3. Repeat for 5 minutes

Breathing Technique C: 15:15:15:15 1. Breathe in for 15 seconds

2. Retain/hold inhale for 15 seconds

3. Breathe out for 15 seconds

3. Repeat Retain/hold exhale for 15 seconds

5. Repeat for 5 minutes

Some of the above are challenging, particularly if you are new or inexperienced in breathing techniques. Some are less so but made harder by doing them for the longer periods of time. Important: If a technique leads you to feel unwell, in pain or out of character then stop the exercise and breathe normally. You may also benefit going for walk or changing what you are doing to allow the mind a chance to reboot. You can always come back to that technique another time.

Lastly, these techniques open up what it can feel like when we get frustrated. They help to enquire our relationship with it (rather than release it). Supporting myself and others with this task offers incredible insight. To be with an emotion (rather than get rid of it). It becomes an exercise challenging ourselves to find new means, new ways and new behaviours should we experience when the inevitable strikes.

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